Do you see them Charlotte? They are all around you…on the playground, in the doctor office waiting rooms, sitting next to your child in their classroom. The United States orphanage is the foster care system and ours is in crisis. These kids identities are fiercely protected, so much so that they’ve become invisible. No one knows their stories, their challenges, their pain, their trauma and their lack of a support system to help them through it all. #DoYouSeeMeCLT is a movement to help bring these precious lives back in view. Let’s share their stories (while still protecting their identity) to bring awareness of what is happening in our own backyard. Help us by sharing their stories each week and using the hashtag #DoYouSeeMeCLT. Let’s show these kids we see them, we love them and we are coming for them.
Everyone can do something! Today you can share one of their stories and pray for that child. To take the next step, please visit www.CFKnc.org to learn more on how to support our city’s most vulnerable children and those that care for them.