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CFK was born out of response to Charlotte’s foster care crisis. It was a direct answer to a call made the local government and a unique church/state partnership was created. Our partnership with Mecklenburg County Youth and Family Services (DSS) and other agencies enables us to streamline efforts in caring for these children. CFK strives to be a change agent through storytelling and helping congregations become part of the movement.

Our Mission

To educate, encourage and equip the Church community by creating pathways to help care for foster children and those that support them.

Get involved

Weekend Miracles

The Weekend Miracles program allows CFK Network church members to connect and develop meaningful relationships with the children in the foster and adoption system.

Charlotte Orphan Sunday

Every fall, CFK network churches participate in a city-wide Orphan Sunday raising awareness for the foster and adoption needs of Mecklenburg County.

We Believe

  • God’s people are demanded to care for the Fatherless
  • Every child deserves a safe and loving family
  • Every family needs community
  • Everyone can do something

Guiding Verse: Psalm 68:5
A father to the fatherless, a protector of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

Quick Overview of CFK Network/Program Offerings:

  • Customized church awareness campaigns & training
  • Informational Orientation Meetings and state-required, faith-based training for families (MAPP training)
  • Support and wrap-around family training
  • Weekend Miracles Program: Connecting foster youth with mentors
  • Prevention: Create host families to help those heading towards crisis
  • Social Angels: renew and encourage social workers by helping to fulfill practical needs
  • Events hosted by the Church through the year

How CFK Works:

CFK engages the church and faith-based community by:

  1. Creating an infrastructure so they can respond.
  2. Meeting the tangible needs of the children currently in the system and aging out.
  3. Building networks within the faith-based community to provide support to foster, adoptive, and biological families.
  4. Equipping and encouraging those who are on the front lines every day – the social workers – who work tirelessly to keep these children safe.
  5. Bridging the gap between the Church and vulnerable children

“We want these kids to know that we see them, we love them, God loves them and we are coming for them.”  – Nicole Taylor, Congregations For Kids, Executive Director


Collaborative partnership of the For Charlotte Mission Network and Mecklenburg County DSS, uniting churches for the mentorship, foster care and hosting needs of Mecklenburg County.

Contact Us

Congregations for Kids
5835 Executive Center Drive
Suite 101-J
Charlotte, NC, 28212


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