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The Challenge:

  • Mecklenburg Co. receives 16,000 calls per year for suspicion of child abuse/neglect
  • Of those 16,000 calls, 30% (10,400) are investigated (this number has been on a steady incline)
  • Currently, Meck. Co has 545 children in the foster system and only 96 licensed foster families
  • 30% (163) of kids in foster care are sent outside of the county due to the of lack of available placement options
  • Currently there are 33 true orphans in Meck. Co. – kids who are waiting to be adopted
  • 51 of these foster kids will age out of the system this year with no one to help them into adulthood
  • Charlotte is known as the “city of churches” with 960 churches as of 2018

Mecklenburg County is in desperate need of families willing to open their homes to children with complex sets of needs. CFK believes that Christian families should be the first to meet this need because of their calling by God and the strength of the church community to help support and encourage individuals who take on this role.

CFK partners with DSS to host a MAPP (foster licensure training) tailored to the faith community. This training is sponsored and hosted by local churches who provide childcare and meals for the duration of the 6-week course.

Individuals or families interested in becoming licensed foster parents through CFK’s program should plan to attend a Foster Parent Orientation. Attendance at an orientation session is a mandatory prerequisite to the training. Please visit our events page to register for our next orientation session.

If your church is interested in hosting/sponsoring an orientation or training, please contact CFK staff by e-mailing

Why Foster?

Check out CFK Executive Director’s personal foster care story.


Collaborative partnership of the For Charlotte Mission Network and Mecklenburg County DSS, uniting churches for the mentorship, foster care and hosting needs of Mecklenburg County.

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