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Become a Mentor with Weekend Miracles

Upcoming Weekend Miracle Events:

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Mentor Orientation | April 4th at 7pm

Mentor Orientation | Sep. 12th at 7pm

Mentor Orientation | Dec. 5th at 7pm


CFK’s mentoring program, Weekend Miracles, is an opportunity for older youth in foster care to connect with an adult mentor. Youth in foster care are at increased risk for poor adult outcomes in numerous domains, including mental and physical health, delinquent and risky behavior, educational attainment, and employment.

Research shows that mentoring relationships with non-parental adults have a positive effect on adolescents, and that even one positive adult relationship can improve the likelihood of positive adult outcomes.

Youth Served:

  • Aged 9-19
  • May be single kids or sibling sets
  • May be on probation and also in the foster care system
  • Family reunification efforts have ceased
  • Ideally, diligent recruitment has been done and yielded no permanency resource
  • Living in a foster family that won’t be permanent, or a group home
  • Must be mentally and physically able to handle the program
  • Choose to participate in the program (voluntary participation)

Why Mentoring?

CFK’s Weekend Miracles program was created because many older youth are languishing in foster care in the United States. Youth aged 9+ are less likely to be adopted and are at a higher risk of “aging out” of foster care without the permanency of reunification with their families or adoption.

Although each child is unique, all youth in foster care have experienced adversities both in their families of origin and while in foster care. They are in need of a variety of supports and services to increase their knowledge of life skills, as well as the emotional, relational, and social competencies necessary to act upon those skills.

The presence of a stable adult mentor improves adult outcomes for youth in foster care. Social workers and foster parents are a vital part of the network of support for these youth, but they can’t do it alone. Mentors have the opportunity to walk alongside youth in foster care through the many challenges and transitions they are sure to experience on their journey to adulthood.  Many people are eager to support youth in care, but are not able to be foster or adoptive parents. The Weekend Miracles program is a way for people in all stages of life with any set of resources to make a difference.

Stott, T. (2013). Transitioning youth: Policies and outcomes. Children and Youth Services Review, 35(2), 218-227.

What is Mentoring?

Weekend Miracles is built on the simple premise that connection matters. Mentoring gives older youth (age 9-19) the opportunity to connect with people in the community, meet families, and interact with their mentors at least twice per month. It is a time for the child to experience family life, have no-strings-attached fun,  and be with people who are interested in their well-being. Once kids get to know people in a non-threatening environment, they might find a permanent relationship that can make an important difference in their lives.

Mentors are volunteers that commit to investing in the life of a youth in foster care for a minimum of one year.

Mentors typically:

  • Spend time with youth a minimum of 2x per month
  • Build a relationship and provide a safe, stable environment
  • Support youth with academics, life skills, and transitions
  • Invite the youth into their life in appropriate ways that fit family needs
  • Have the opportunity to host youth for the day or for weekend

Next Steps: How to Become a Weekend Miracles Mentor

CFK’s Weekend Miracles Program is currently accepting applications for mentors. Please note that the need for mentors fluctuates with the number of youth involved in the program.

Who can be a mentor?

  • Individuals aged 25+
  • Couples or singles
  • Families with other children
  • Note: medical and psychiatric history, as well as criminal background and history of substance abuse must be disclosed at time of application and could prevent program participation.

What is the application and selection process?

Step 1: Attend a Mentor Info Session

Mentor orientations occur quarterly and are an opportunity to learn more about the Weekend Miracles program and what to expect at our monthly events. The first step toward becoming a mentor is to attend an orientation. Visit our events page to see when our next mentor orientation is taking place.

Step 2: Complete the Mentor Application

The application is available online and can be accessed here.

Step 3: Wait for Application Review & Invitation to Monthly Matching Event

After attending a Mentor Info Session and completing the mentor application, CFK staff will review your application and reach out with any questions, concerns, and a notification of your acceptance to the program should your application be cleared.

Once cleared to proceed, mentors are invited to meet youth at our monthly Weekend Miracles Matching events. Depending on the number of youth participating in the program, new mentors may be invited to attend an event shortly after the acceptance of their application or may need to wait several months before a spot opens up.


Each month, CFK hosts a Weekend Miracles Matching Event that creates a fun, safe, and low stakes environment for youth and potential mentors to meet and participate in a shared experience. These events are sponsored by local churches and include interactive activities, games, and a meal.

After each event, youth and mentors complete surveys to identify potential connections. If youth and mentors “match” by selecting one another, we work to nurture these connections and allow them to grow organically over the next several events. Once it becomes clear that a solid match has been made, mentors are subject to additional clearances and training before being cleared as their match’s official mentor.

Once a mentor completes these additional steps, they are free to grow their relationship with their mentee outside of Weekend Miracle Events.


Collaborative partnership of the For Charlotte Mission Network and Mecklenburg County DSS, uniting churches for the mentorship, foster care and hosting needs of Mecklenburg County.

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